"I was walking down the street tonight and saw your cafe. It was already closed. I stopped dead. I couldn't believe it. Your cafe looked just like the place I'd spent many a night while I was a law student at the U [of Minnesota] in the late 90s in Minneapolis. I started jumping up and down and telling my husband about the hours I'd spent listening to music, smoking ( indoors! ), and drinking red wine at a place that felt like a lush architectural ruin. Then I went to your website when I got home only to find out it was the SAME Loring! That is so amazing. Some of the best memories of my young adult life were there. I'll be by for a drink soon."

-Sarah O., Oakland. CA



Tuesday Sept 23rd : Archemelion; Guitar,vocal

Wednesday Sept 24th: Aaron on Piano

Thursday Sept 25th: Dennis on Piano

Friday Sept 26th: Dennis on Piano

Saturday Sept 27th : Ben, Piano Jazz

 We try to have an event almost every night of the week, we now open until 11pm and Midnight on Friday and Saturday !!

Artists, Singers, Music players, all performers, amateurs, please contact me at stephan.loring@yahoo.com or Jason@loringcafe.com for info on how to join our stage !!!



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